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Return Of The Dogg
Copyright 1997, MTV

By John Norris

JOHN NORRIS, MTV News: So welcome, it's been a while. Good to see ya, how are things?

SNOOP: Everything is cool man, everything is lovely.

JOHN: You got a record coming out in a little over a week, you got a new family I guess you'd say, and a new medallion around your neck. Would you say in any way this is a new start for you?

SNOOP: Yeah, basically. It's like a rebirth. It's more or's like a rebirth so you know, it's cool. I accept it and I appreciate it and I'm glad to have the opportunity to be able to bounce back and come back in the right game with the same magnitude and the same force I left with. I left as Snoop Dogg and now I'm back as Snoop Dogg.

JOHN: Do you really feel like you left, though? I mean the spell hasn't been that long.

SNOOP: No, I didn't really leave, I just...a lot of things going down you know in my life and in my music career, and like I said it's like a rebirth to be able to get a second chance and to do it all over again from scratch and come with a whole new clean slate with a new group of people, whole new atmosphere, new just feel good to be going in the right direction.

JOHN: did it come about? When did you first meet (Master) P and did you guys...were you guys talking about this possibility of a change for a long time before it actually happened?

SNOOP: Well I met P from uh...just coming up from Priority Records 'cause I have a lot of love for Priority Records. You know I would always be up there dealing with Mac 10 or just the people up there I knew You know we would see each other, me and P and we'd just holler, "what's happening, what's up?' And so I got at him and told him I wanted to participate on one of his groups, you know, albums or whatever...if anything is coming out and he let me know Mystikal's album was coming out and I went and did something with him and it just grew from there you know. I wanted to be a part of them, I wanted to, you know, do music with them as a homey and then I wanted to get out of my situation and do a one album deal with a label. Mack 10 approached me and it didn't work out but it was still cool 'cause that's my homeboy and then P approached me and was like,"you know, I don't want to give you just a one album deal. I wanna give you the full situation and uh, you know, you're giving all these other labels the opportunity to do it, give me the opportunity." So I gave him the same opportunity that I gave all the big labels.

JOHN: So what was it about No Limit? I mean you could've...P said this before when I was talking to him. You could've gone with virtually any major (label). Why them?

SNOOP: They couldn't have gave me what No Limit given me. And that's...they made...they making Snoop Dogg feel like Snoop Dogg. Couldn't no other label do that for me.

JOHN: I get the feeling it's a real family atmosphere.

SNOOP: is. It's more of a...see if I was on any other label it would be business. This is family, you know what I'm saying? It's a family business. It's like, you know it's like they respect my music and respect Snoop Dogg as a artist and they know where he's supposed to be and what he's supposed to sound like and what he's supposed to be rappin' about so me getting with them was like, it helps me and it helps them on the same note because they learn from me and I learn from them and we gradually grow as a family.