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Snoop's on a Mission to Conquer the Entertainment World
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By Alexandra Phanor Tell me about the new album.

Itís called ďMaster P presents Snoop Doggís Last Meal.Ē Itís one of the best records Iíve ever been a part of. Iíve grown into a smarter and wiser artist. The things Iím talking about are on a next level. Itís my time and I want to thank everybody who supported me through the years. I promise, I wonít let you down with this record.

How have you grown lyrically since ďTopp DoggĒ?

Iím just more in depth. Iíve been able to go around the world and rap with all of my favorite rappers so I learned a few tricks from them. Iíve also gotten older and wiser. Once you get older and wiser, you tend to put your style to better or for worse, but I put mine together for better. Iíve been around here so long and been around so many people that have inspired me. And now Iím inspiring a new generation. Just to be able to give back and to get inspiration at the same time is a beautiful experience.

Whatís up with the title, ďThe Last MealĒ? Sounds so final.

It is because Iím about to start some new things. Iím gonna be on my own record label and put a new stake in the ground. Iíve been a part of so many great labels and great albums, itís time to do it for myself.

Are you involved with the new album of your unreleased songs, ďDead Man Walking,Ē coming out on Death Row?

I donít support it. Iím not with it and I tell people not to buy it, because itís not something that Iím a part of. You want to hear some real Snoop Dogg, buy my new record. Itíll be out December 5th and itís on DoggHouse records. Death Row Records, I donít do business with them, you know what Iím sayiní? Thatís old shit.

What do you think about the title ďDead Man WalkingĒ?

Some negative sh--t to bring me down. Theyíre trying to create tension between me and them so I could say something bad about them. But I wonít give in. God bless Death Row Records.

On to brighter things. Letís talk about the Jane magazine Beefcake cover.

(Laughing) You talking about when I was on there with a... No shirt on. You like that? Yeah, some different sh*t. My movie agent got that for me. He was like, it would be good for me to get into this magazine and take a picture with my shirt off. I was like, ďF**k it; Iím with it.Ē Iím down to make changes and try different things. It was cool.

You must be the male MC with the best kept hair in hip-hop. How do you maintain it?

I eat right and I take care of myself. I have a great stylist who keeps my hair looking good at all times. I take care of it because my hair is my strength.

Whatís your favorite way to wear your hair?

Probably in the Shirley Temple curls.

Can you tell us what relaxer you use?

Itís all mine; natural. I just like to get it hot curled.

Whatís in your CD player right now?

I like old school R&B. I just bought Mystikal and Lil Bow Wow today. Iíma go get that Ludacris album. I like the way his single sounds.

Whoís better - Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?

Christina Aguileraís got a pretty voice. I like her voice. No disrespect to Britney Spears; she got a nice voice too, but I think Christina Aguilera could do more soul with her voice. She could probably sound better on hip-hop track than that pop shit she working with.

Should Christinaís people give your people a call about a duet?

Sheíd be better off doing gangsta records. I would work with her. Why not?