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Doggy's Angels Interview

By Derek A Bardowell

How did you all feel getting to Number One in the Billboard rap chart?

Big Chan: It's a blessing. I just so happened to be in a Seven-Eleven one night and I saw a Billboard, so when I looked in there opened it up, when I saw the rap charts and it was Number One, I was just screaming in the Seven-Eleven Number One!

How Important was it for you to come out with such a positive track about the fellas?

Big Chan: We had to take a different approach because in Los Angeles we know that a lot of brothers are always getting locked down for different circumstances. So we just felt like if we dedicated something to 'em. You know I had brother that was locked down, so that's part of where the inspiration came from. It's like on a positive note because there's a lot of brothers that are locked down that are good brothers, so, we could give them that much at least. Some inspiration to keep their head up.

I heard that, to get into Doggy's Angels, you had to audition for Snoop. What was that like?

Kola: We all got a call to come rap for Snoop. Chan was already gonna be on DoggyStyle [Records], so me and Coniyac got a call and we went up there and it was full of girls and we all kicked the tightest shit. It was cut-throat ?cos there was females that probably could have made it. There was guys in there that was in the game already, it was like a lot of pressure and the room was pressured, period. It was like an uncomfortable atmosphere to work in. So everybody was like working under pressure. Coniyac: It was in a boiler room.

How important is it for you three to stay strong as a unit, particularly being one of the few brand name female acts to come from the West-Coast?

Big Chan: [We] Like three the hard way, we the shit together. We like lean on each other and we know, if we can stand as the three of us, ain?t too many people that can knock us.