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Nuthin But A Weed Thang

By Devin Horwitz

P4M: I know you like the weed, but I heard you've gone through almost a half pound in the week since you've been here in New York.

S: Oh so you mutherfuckers is monitoring me now, huh? Shit, you know I gotta have all my flavors. I'm a flavorful kind of nigga. And New York got good dope, but they used to have bullshit. I used to have to bring my own out here, but I don't bring shit no more. They've got all kinds of machines at the airport, I refuse to show up in the newspapers like that.

P4M: What are some of the cities you've had the toughest time getting herb?

S: Anywhere down south. Alabama, Mississippi, you gonna get straight dirt.

P4M: What about outside the country?

S: There's bullshit in Japan, bullshit in London...

P4M: Do you think herb has helped to mellow out a lot of the thug mentality in hip-hop?

S: On the real, when me and Dre put chronic on the map, we took crack out of the black community. It's erasing the crack that was killing a lot of our people and sending homies to the jailhouse. Now it's more controlled, civilized and more about money and bitches and just smoking. That's the cool shit. Before that, the crackhead niggas was just running wild out there.

P4M: So why do you think the laws on weed are still the ways they are?

S: I don't know. You'd think since they legalized alcohol... but I don't really drink alcohol too much, just on special occasions. Although it's been a special occasion for the past three months. But they definitely behind it... me, Dre, Woody Harrelson, need I name more? Damn we got a whole coalition of mutherfuckers who support this damn marijuana thing.

P4M: Last year you were on the cover of High Times magazine. What was that experience like?

S: That was big man. That's one of my favorites 'cause it's a magazine that keeps it real and it represents the bud. And I do the bud, that's my preference of getting high. This right here [taking a long pull], marijuana. I ain't on no crazy ass drugs, no pills or shit like that. A lot of mutherfuckers are on ecstacy or crazy shit like that. This weed ain't doing nothing but inspiring a nation of millions.

P4M: So you ever get hassled for smoking on stage at shows?

S: In Detroit they was saying I couldn't smoke. So I told the mutherfuckers, "Fuck that, I'm smoking. If I can't smoke, I ain't doing the show and you know those kids is gonna tear this mutherfucker up." It's the same kind of shit up at MTV and BET and places like that, you can't really smoke up there. But I try to violate the rules as much as possible.

P4M: What about in the studio?

S: Yeah boy, some studios hassle me, but most of them already now about me. I don't care if Britney Spears or N'Sync or some mutherfuckers like that is up in there. They best be prepared to get a whole lot of smoke in they life.

P4M: Do you actually smoke in the mic booth?

S: Yeah. You ain't heard my radio show? It's the "Big Snoop Dogg" radio show. We've got a 4:20 smoke session, and basically I smoke during the whole show.

P4M: You've got this movie coming out where you play a character named Jimmy Bones. Does he get his smoke on?

S: You know I keep it gangsta my nigga. Always.

P4M: What's that movie about?

S: It's actually a horror movie. It starts out as a cool little player flick in 1979, then something goes wrong and I get shot and killed. My spirit comes back twenty years later to kill the people who killed me. It's crazy dog.

P4M: You got this other character, Big Jeffrey The Pimp. What's he all about?

S: He's this character I came up with, he's bigger than life. Mutherfucker's got a 747 jet that he ride on by himself. He flies the mutherfucker too, and he's the bartender, for real. Plus he's the pimp, he make the bitches do what they do.

P4M: I'll bet some of Big Jeffrey must have come out in you on that Up In Smoke tour with all the screaming girls and shit?

S: Actually, I had my wife out with me on the whole tour. So no, I didn't fuck any bitches! Next question.

P4M: You just did the "Howard Stern Show." That must have been fun.

S: That's my dog. He was up for a five years contract extension, and he wanted me on the show so I had to. Howard Stern and Big Snoop Dogg, that's boss shit. It was cool, on some crazy shit. He had bitches come on who wanted to get into Playboy, show their tits and all that. There was this other dude, Al Goldstein or something. That mutherfucker is an old ass freak. 65-years-old and still making porn flicks. I'm not trying to see that crazy fuck all butt naked. Just watch E! mutherfucker. They'll replay it soon, check your local listings.