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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album: Da game is to be sold, not to be told
Song: Get Bout It & Rowdy

MP(back round):
(LBC, New orleans ha ha) Yo dog, uh

Sup P?

(Ha ha) That's some real s**t(where the hot boys at,
Where the hot girls at(x6))
Ya heard me? (x2)
The game is to be sold not to be told, ha ha
Now this No Limit s**t, No Limit nigga
Everbody wanna know how this s**t happens, but we ain't playa hatin
And what's goin on, but ya know what?
It don't get no realer than this though dog

West-side niggas gettin bout it, UNGH!
I said East-side niggas gettin rowdy, UNGH!
Mid-west niggas gettin bout it, UNGH!
South-side niggas gettin rowdy, UNGH! (yea)

f**k that man,da game is to be sold, not to be told, 1st things 1st
I'm a gangsta, nigga, so I'ma roll
Ya got to get bout it or without it
I had to shake the spot cause the game got crowded
I'm devoted and quote it, I'm rowdy and bout it
A No Limit Soldier, and happy to shout it
Got this tank on my neck, got my tech. on deck
I slap raps at your caps and try to make my snaps
Nick-Nack patty-wack big happy sack, the dealer is back
And I'm ridin' through your neighborhood dippin' in my Cadillac
I'm sellin this s**t, I ain't tellin this s**t
I'm a mutha f**kin 2-time felon ya b***h
From the cold hearted streets of the LBC
To a mansion in the south down the street from my nigga P
See, real niggas recognize the realness
Put ya mutha f**kin choppers up if ya feel this
(Bust one) Now bust one(gun shot) Not just one(2 gun shots)
And if ya want some get some, I bet we got some
Bustas discuss us, niggas poppin all the Ying-Yang
Still the Dogg Pound Gang (DPG, Man)
Beats still funky, Beats by the Pound in the house,
At the mutha f**kin door


(Gettin rowwwdy) Everybody in the game, say the same
Is Snoop's still that gang bang cocaine nigga slangin everythang
I'm tryin to get as much as I need
While I f**k with these out of town hoes blowin all they weed (shut up)
Parlayin, so whatcha sayin
Bring a couple buddies witcha, girl we ain't playin
Baby must miss read me, cause she miss lead me
Has some niggas come by later (what?) and try to spray me (b***h)
But I'm just to quick, slick and sly
When it's time to ride I let the bullets fly cause it's do or die(die die...)
I wear blue 7 days out the week (for life)
I mob the street, DP, while I'm holdin my heat
I wanna warn you, s**t they got killers on the East, Mid-West, up North, down
South in California
So if you got your chrome, you need to stay in the zone
And get a vest for your mutha f**kin dome
Cause it's on like a dog with out his bone
I'm in it to win it and No Limit is my home (for life for life)
Nigga, real niggas recognize the realness
Put ya mutha f**kin choppers up if ya feel this
(Bust one) Now bust one(gun shot) Not just one(2 gun shots)
And if ya want some get some,(what up what up) I bet we got some (got some)


Nigga, bout it bout it ha ha
Snoop Dogg, Master P, and the whole No Limit mutha f**kin family nigga
From the South to the West to the East to the middle
To the mutha f**kin WORLD!
Ha ha real niggas and b***hes unite