Snoop Dogg: Chat Transcript From 360hiphop

Question Asked By People In Chat

MODERATOR: Fo shizzle my nizzles ......... SNOOP DOGG IS IN THE HIZOUUUUUUUUUUUSE!!!!!!
MODERATOR: What up Snoop?
MODERATOR: (hold up, he's taking a picture ..... with some FINE dime piece)

SnoopDogg: Thank you, congrats on everything y'all have done to make things happen for me and mines...

WCkilla: Snoop, will there be a third single for "Tha Last Meal" and what will it be?

SnoopDogg: Yes, the single will be Stacey Adams feat. Croquet produced by Battlecat, released about May...

TitoJackson: does snoop's porn have cumshots?

SnoopDogg: Yes it does (laughs)!



moehoe: snoop can any one smoke you under the table//leaf

SnoopDogg: Never have, I'm waiting on Bob Marley to come back

atomic2797: How do you feel about Suge Knight getting outa jail?

SnoopDogg: Um, more power to him

Psyfer3: What's the BEST weed you ever smoked?

SnoopDogg: From Amsterdam...

Ciro01: whatta you feel about tha next episode being nominated for a grammy??

SnoopDogg: I didn't even know that but I feel good about it... the Grammy's over with ain't it? Shit, we didn't win! (lol)

atomic2797: Who do you think really shot 2Pac?? Biggie??

SnoopDogg: Shhhhhh, I don't know, that's a question I can't answer, I'm not that knowledgeable on that situation

snoopfanatic: wuz up my dogg u r my fuckin idol dude and u r tha fuckin shit!!!!!

SnoopDogg: Thank you so much and I'm gonna continue to do what I do to keep you inspired

nomore4play: yo you roller skate??

SnoopDogg: Yeah, I used to, back in the day, I wanted to bring that back to life- everybody wanna be mean in the video, I wanna have some fun

TitoJackson: Is Tray Dee in the movie wit a jherri curl perm on his nut hair?

SnoopDogg: No they didn't say that (laughs)! I wouldn't know, you gonna have to ask him that!

dpgc2000: snoop, daz and kurupt droppin a joint on ur label right? DPGC, when is that droppin, and is it completely new material?

SnoopDogg: It's gonna be completely new material, possibly dropping in October or November

LilChawklitNugga69: How long you been growin' ya hair????

SnoopDogg: Since '92-

Ripsta13: Hey Snoop, how was the Cannabis Cup?

SnoopDogg: Off the hizza my nizza

MrTrauma: Hey Snoop, You Ever have A Hater Try To Talk Shit To Your Face? I'll Bet Nobody's Got Balls To Say It To your Face, Always Behind The Back And Shit...

SnoopDogg: Yeah, one of them suckas did, a sucka named Swoop G and he got knocked the fuck out

MODERATOR: Oh shiznit!!!!

snoopzangel: You got any tattoos Snoop?

SnoopDogg: No, I don't like needles

NickNuLty28: hey snoop wat kinda pumps you got on your lowrider?

SnoopDogg: Last time I checked I had, um- I gotta ask my nephew- my lowrider is the one in the Snoop video, the white one, I might have some Dells

wwwsoldierfamilycom:Snoop: What are your feelings on NO Limit over the past 2-3 years about people saying them falling off?

SnoopDogg: They sayin' that about everybody, that's what we do in rap- gotta learn how to bounce back, Masta P with No Limit, Snoop with Dogghouse Records

phillybabygirl: HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE?

SnoopDogg: 2 boys and one girl, boys 7 and 4, my girl is 1

Yeah, one of them suckas did, a sucka named Swoop G and he got knocked the fuck out

MODERATOR: Everybody wants to know what your wife thought about you making the porno movie? Spit the real!

SnoopDogg: Um, I'm not staring in the movie having sex scenes, I'm narrating, it's just a job, so it's acceptable... The music is worse than the movie!

MODERATOR: We all know you THE pimp of all pimps. How many ho's are in your stable?

SnoopDogg: For each state I got 10 so like, 500 baby...


SnoopDogg: I got outta using Nigga so much, it was a cooler way to introduce new terminology to my peoples, now people are using that more than Nigga so that's a plus...


SnoopDogg: In Converse All Stars a 10, in regular shoes an 11, in dress shoes a 12.... i don't know why my feet got 3 different sizes that's just how it is...

JFoXXX: Snoop, how many songs did u complete with Warren and Nate for the 213 reunion album???

SnoopDogg: We just did 2-3 so far, haven't gotten in there like we want to but it's definitely gonna happen later in the year, I'm glad y'all asked about it

Snuggles15: Hey snoop your house is off the hizzle but do you use all them rooms cause you only have 3 kids

SnoopDogg: I really do use all them rooms! Them grown up rooms!

KDawg25: snoop how you feel bout crips now in days

SnoopDogg: I feel like we unifying, coming together, working together, gotta have a beginning- once we get it together, we'll step to the bloods and make it happen all around

MADDMC: snoop, i gotta know dogg - head or sex?

SnoopDogg: Head. Have to say head. Especially when she know what the hell she doin'...

SnoopDogg: if you get the head, the body will follow...

MODERATOR: Fo shizzle .....

ThaRawDoggAssassin: aiyo snoop how is the clothing line coming along?

SnoopDogg: The line is coming along real good, went to Magic, did great numbers, out in the world by June so keep a lookout for it-

snoopzangel: Snoop please tell me, boxers or briefs???

SnoopDogg: Both, can you believe it? Thas how I do, briefs on first, then boxers to keep it all in place... nice and snug...


MODERATOR: //holla

SnoopDogg: Do I eat pussy??? No I don't and I'll never! Damn, ya'll asking some straight grown folks questions in this muthafuckah


SnoopDogg: Tha Last Meal is platinum, that Death Row album is wood going aluminum...

SnoopDogg: Keep suckin dick I appreciate yall

AMSTERDAM: snoop, which videogame u like best?

SnoopDogg: Right now we on NBA live2001 for Playstation2, I like Madden 2001 too

westcoastluv: Snoop who made up that crip walk dance yall be doin

SnoopDogg: Um, it's a heredity thing that comes with the set, the neighborhood... when I was a kid i saw my big homies doing it, it spread throughout the neighborhoods, '79, '78, somethin' like that

kpgirl: snoop, what's your most embarrassing public moment??

SnoopDogg: I was on the Up in Smoke tour, me and Dr Dre were performing, I was about to do Whats My Name, the buckle of my belt popped out, a niggaz pants fell down, I had to go backstage and adjust my shit, nigga was fittin to be on the front page


SnoopDogg: Who cares ya know??? I'll be glad when they just disappear and go away (laughs)!

snoopzangel: How do you like to smoke your chronic? Blunt, Dutch, Blackwood or paper?

SnoopDogg: It's a new blunt I call bluntwrap and it's chocolate flavored, that's my shit

wickedways: how you feel about the whole puffy/shyne case?

SnoopDogg: I feel it's fucked up cuz they after Puffy cuz he's got money, it's a fucked up feeling... i know the feeling- i just pray for 'em and hope they make it through successfully


SnoopDogg: LIV, keeps my hair look very fresh and clean, makes alot of people mad at me, esp. them chicken heads... (laughs)

dpgc2000: Snoop, you gonna hook up w/ Daz more often? You and him make a great producer/rapper combo?

SnoopDogg: Yeah thas my lil couzin, i love him to death, fittin to get with him when i get home


SnoopDogg: I got Doctors who subscribe that shit for me, Dr. Kevorkian, Dr. Greenthumbs and Dr. Stickyfingers

Tha Last Meal is platinum, that Death Row album is wood going aluminum...


SnoopDogg: It's cool, I've been booed before, gotta take a loss with a win, I don't think they were opening their ears to hear 'em but we ain't trippin, we take the losses with the wins

MODERATOR:One last question: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Who would make it into SNOOPS ho stables first?

SnoopDogg: Britney Spears, she thicker, she'll make more money, I see her selling real fast.... "Bitch I don't care if it's raining, better make my money, dodge those raindrops..."

SnoopDogg: I love yall, continue to stay down with me and pray for me and my family, i'll look out for yall.... look out for clothing line, cartoon series and e'rything else with snoop on, movies on big screen and home video....

MODERATOR: Everybody, send SNOOP DOGG your goodbyes now...........We at want to thank you for coming through and blessing us with your presence.

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